Honey Ant Readers Games Box

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Beautiful bright red box containing 4 fabulous board games, card games, bingo cards and dominoes to reinforce the learning in the Honey Ant Readers books.

ISBN: 978-1-925002-64-5


 A card game, an A3 puzzle with  games both sides, two fabulous Board Games and 13 Bingo  games   to teach reading and Standard English:

Card Game

1.The Honey Ant is Running! (HAR Grammar Game 1.)  A card game to teach SAE question forms and the verb ‘to be’ e.g. Is the honey ant running? Yes, the honey ant  is running/No the honey ant isn’t running. Based on the game ‘Go Fish!’


2. Honey Ants and Digging Sticks. Based on the game, ‘Snakes and Ladders’ with words from the HARs on each square and digging sticks to go up, honey ants to go down!

3. HAR Phonics Game. A game to reinforce the short vowel sounds in words.  The aim of the game is for players to fill each vowel honey ant tunnel  with  their counters.

4. Hunting for Bush Tucker! As players move around the board they land on 4 different types of squares which require them to: 1. read; 2. do sums, 3. think of a word that starts with a certain letter and 4. decide if the word on the card is a noun or a verb.

5. Round! As players follow the squares on their board around a beautiful picture, they have to read the word they land on and then find that object in the picture.

6. Thirteen Bingo games on laminated cards. All the words and pictures in the games match the vocabulary in the HARs 1 to 10.  Picture games for emergent readers; word games for beginner readers.

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