Rhonda Inkamala

Rhonda Inkamala is a Western Arrarnta, Luritja and Pitjantjatjara woman and an experienced teacher, who lives on Traditional Land on the Iwupataka Land Trust at Jay Creek. She is multilingual and bi-cultural fluent speaker who understands 14 Aboriginal Languages of Central Australia and has literacy skills of reading, and writing in her spoken languages; Western Arrarnta and Luritja. Rhonda is passionate about her languages, considering that they define her cultural identity. She and Margaret worked closely together in Alice Springs in the early stages of the Honey Ant Readers. Rhonda has taught in several remote schools, as well as being Cultural Principal at Yipirinya School until 2009, supporting language and cultural programs to maintain cultural heritage and identity. As a Cultural Consultant and Traditional Owner of Tjoritja National Park (West MacDonnell), Rhonda is part of the Joint Management Committee and helps NT Parks and CLC (Central Land Council) in the Joint Management of Tjoritja National Park (West MacDonnell National Park).

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