Honey Ant Readers Starter Kits & Sets

The HAR starter kits and sets have been put together to make it easy for teachers, schools, parents and community leaders to get underway with implementing the resources whether they are just starting out or looking to expand their reading and writing tool kit.

Honey Ant Readers Complete Set

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The Honey Ant Readers Complete Set includes one of each essential resource from the learn-to-read series, designed to build vocabulary and confidence, inspiring beginner learners to recognise and decode words and enjoy the process of reading!

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The complete set of quality, colour-printed Honey Ant Readers resources is ideal for schools, tutors or for learning to read at home. HAR Teacher’s Book plus USB, in the pack – with notes and curriculum linked activities for teachers, as well as information about the theories and pedagogy underpinning the books. For both Windows PC and Mac OS users, we have HAR 1 to 10, plus the new Teacher’s Book as interactive ebooks, and they are also in the pack! The pack contains the HAR reading books with cards to match HAR 1 to 10 in their own numbered callico bags.  Each word in HARs 1 – 10 is represented by a picture, a picture + word and a word card. We also love the ‘Thank you’ book, set in Africa, as it reminds us to be grateful for all the really important things in life. The Australian Animal Cards contain pictures and words of 19 Australian animals presented on 38 large, laminated cards. They can be used to teach vocabulary while playing card games. Each animal is on two cards, one with the name of the animal printed on the card, one with just the picture. The Writing book encourages learners to be authors and illustrators of their own stories. It has lined pages on the left and plain pages on the right for illustrations. We recommend one Activity book and one Writing book per student. The fabulous A5, Bingo cards make-up 13 bingo games, with pictures and words to match the Honey Ant Readers 1 to 10, teach colours, animals, body parts and more. They are developed to reinforce and consolidate the students’ learning through fun and games.  This set includes:

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