Honey Ant Reader 1 – 10 Picture, Number and Word Cards (set 1 & 2)

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Card set of 217 Honey Ant Reader  Picture, Number and Word Cards.

These high quality, full colour picture, number and word cards contain all the words and pictures from Honey Ant Readers 1 to 10.  There are 2 of each card in 10 handmade calico bags, which are marked with the corresponding book number.



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Each pack contains all the words and pictures from HAR 1 to 10 plus cards to teach numbers 1 to 10. The cards are conveniently packaged into 10 cute little bags, one to match each book! The bags were proudly made in NSW.

Each word is presented on individual cards in 3 ways:
*As a picture   * as a picture + word   * as just the word.

The pack contains duplicates of each card to allow for memory games, snap and other matching card games. These games all help with pre-reading oral language, decoding words, and to teach basic grammar and structure of SAE.

The cards can be used to prepare the students for reading, to familiarise them with specific words from The Honey Ant Readers 1 to 10 and to teach them the numerals up to 10.

Memory card games also offer the irresistable opportunity for children – of beating their teacher!

ISBN: 978-1-925002-59-1

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