Writing Resources

Writing resources help learners transition from reading words in books to learning to write.

My Activity Book 1 contains fun, colouring-in and writing activities that reinforce the vocabulary found in HAR's reading books 1 to 5.
My Activity Book 2 contains word, sentence, number, art, craft, cooking and science activities, that not only reinforce the vocabulary found in HARs reading books from 6 to 10 but also incorporate other engaging activities at a more advanced level.

The My Own Honey Ant Reader books 1 & 2 are small (150mm wide), so a person learning to write still enjoys a sense of achievement.  My Own Honey Ant Reader 1 has the coloured pictures from HAR 1, but with blank lines drawn on the opposite page so that learners can write their own story. My Own Honey Ant Reader 2 includes a selection of pictures from the series, inviting learners to write their own story using the pictures as prompts.

The My Writing Books are available with 18mm (larger) or 8mm (smaller) line heights. 18mm are for students in the early stages of learning to write and who have less character control (Pre-school to year 1). 8mm are for more advanced writers (Year 2 and beyond).

Resources that support the learning of writing skills.