The  Honey Ant Readers, in digital and hard copy formats,  include features of light Aboriginal English (AE), in the first 10 books, with the text gradually and systemically moving into colloquial Standard Australian English (SAE) across the 20 books. This is done by following the natural order in which speakers of other languages have been shown to acquire the grammatical structures of Standard English.

Materials for very young, emergent readers include A5 pictures with matching words, card sets, board games, activity books, drawing books and songs and rhymes. All of which encourage interactive learning and prepare the young beginners for reading. The 123 colourful conversation cards are used to encourage oral and written language, as well as for counselling, role play and many other games and activities. A significant and popular adjunct to the reading materials are activities which have a focus on phonics and grammar, such as original songs and rhymes. These assist learners of English as an additional language in acquiring Standard Australian English.

We also have a range of digital resources available. Please contact us for more information.