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Honey Ant Readers

For young Indigenous emergent readers.

Includes features of light Aboriginal English (AE) with the text gradually and systemically moving into colloquial Standard Australian English (SAE) across the 15 books.

The resources encourage interactive learning and prepare the young beginners for reading.

A significant and popular adjunct are activities which have a focus on phonics and grammar, such as original songs and rhymes.

Reading Tracks

At last! A learn-to-read series for middle school and older Indigenous literacy learners!

Culturally appropriate Fishing, Tracking and Hunting stories come to life in the exciting new Reading Tracks® learn-to-read series of 22 books designed for Indigenous learners, Middle School age and older.

A progressive set of 15 learn-to-read books,  7 story books and Activity Books to match.

Developed collaboratively by author Margaret James with Indigenous Elders, students, community members and illustrators.

We also have a range of digital resources available.