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The Honey Ant Reader Book Collection

There are 20 Honey Ant Reader books that provide a staged set of early readers for learning to read. These are accompanied by matching hands-on resources that encourage interactive learning and prepare the young beginners for reading.

The Honey Ant Readers can be purchased in a Starter Kit (a complete set of all resources needed for a school), in separate Book Kits or as an individual book.

Honey Ant Readers Book Collection

View Individual Honey Ant Reader Books

Book 1: nana dig
Book 2: nana dig in red sand
Book 3: big mob ants
Book 4: dig dig dig
Book 5: honey ants yum

Book 6: wet kids running
Book 7: Stop Dog
Book 8: Stop the Bus
Book 9: Get the Snake
Book 10: Wet Baby

Book 11: Run Goanna, Run
Book 12: Drowned him, Drowned him
Book 13: Gotta get the Baby
Book 14: Big Man Grab Sister
Book 15: Get that Fat Perentie

Book 16: Hunting on a Hot Day*
Book 17: School for Big Sister*
Book 18: Rations on Sunday*
Book 19: Little Brother Lost*
Book 20: Somebody Bin Take Sister*

* Books 16 through 20 are still to be released.

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Honey Ant Readers Pre Reading Resources

To support the Honey Ant Readers books, there are a range of additional resources that help learners build their reading and English skills.