Honey Ant Reader 11: Run Goanna, Run (SAE Edition)

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Following on from the smaller first 10 Honey Ant Readers, ‘Run Goanna, Run’ is the first A5 size book in the series, and the first HAR level 2 reader. This edition is in Standard Australian English. As well as the story, it contains several activities, songs and rhymes to reinforce the text.

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‘Run Goanna Run’ is the first of two level 2 Honey Ant Readers. This 3rd Edition is written in colloquial Standard Australian English. Nana and 3 young sisters go looking for honey ants, when they see a goanna running across the sand and up a tree. The 2 older sisters chase the goanna successfully and return home with it to an excited welcome from the children in the camp.

The song, ‘Bush Tucker’, at the end of the book recounts the story. The rhymes which follow give learners practise with the sounds /g/, /s/ and /z/. The words introduced in the first ten Honey Ant Readers are repeated frequently in this book.

There are several activities at the end of the book, such as muddled letters, a rhyming activity and a comprehension quiz, which help consolidate the learning by drawing attention to the vocabulary found in the book.

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