Honey Ant Reader 7: Stop Dog

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‘Stop Dog’ the 7th book in the HAR series, tells the story of a  dog who causes trouble on a bush tucker trip. A song and rhymes teach the Standard English sound /f/.

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Book 7, ‘Stop Dog’ tells the story of a group of children who go on a trip to look for bush tucker with Nana. A dog jumps on the bus and causes all sorts of trouble such as tipping out all the honey ants collected in a cup! Of course, the children love the naughty dog! At the end of the book there is a song in Standard English to teach parts of the body (self words) ‘Bodies’ and rhymes to teach the sound /f/, ‘Funny Fingers’, ‘Five Funny Fingers’ and ‘Fat Ant’.

Building on the 39 words previously introduced into the HARs, 10 new words are introduced into HAR 7, making a total of 49 words which are repeated frequently in the book in order to reinforce learning and to build reading confidence through success.  Notes detailing the rationale behind the author’s decisions about which words to use, which sounds to include and what Standard Australian English (SAE) grammar to introduce in this particular book, can be found in the Honey Ant Readers Teacher’s Book.

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