10 Colour Picture Cards and 10 Matching Big Red Words

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This set contains 10 A5 colour pictures with matching large red words, in comic sans font. Laminated.

Useful resources for pre-teaching the vocabulary and words in the first Honey Ant Readers. ISBN: 978-1-921705-49-6




The cards can be used to teach oral language first e.g. “Look here’s an ant. This type of ant is called a honey ant. It lives under the ground in the dry desert. Its big tummy stores yummy food for the other ants, called worker ants.  This helps the worker ants to keep working, even when there isn’t much food above the ground for them. The liquid in the ant’s tummy tastes just like honey so that’s why it’s called a ‘honey ant’.”

Oral language games make learning fun!  e.g. Matching pictures to each other, using them to tell a story, or sequencing the pictures into a story.

Once the learner knows the oral language around the pictures, the red words can be introduced to teach reading and decoding. To make it easier for the learner we only use the short vowel sounds in these words e.g. /a/ in ‘ant’, /e/ in ‘red’, /i/ in ‘dig’, /o/ in ‘dog’, /u/ in ‘run’.

Learners can  play many games with these red words and large picture cards, including finding the word to match the picture, picking a word and then making up a story about it, or playing ‘memory’.

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