Honey Ant Readers 1 – 15

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One set of full colour Honey Ant  Readers 1-15 from the Honey Ant Readers learn-to-read series.  Comes with HAR Counter-top Display Box.

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The first 10 Honey Ant Reader books gradually scaffold the learners towards fluent reading in SAE. The language of the text moves gradually from very light AE into SAE. The text is very repetitive to allow the learners to experience success and to enhance their learning. ‘General Features of the HARs’, Chapter 3, Page 13, in The HAR Teacher’s Book explains where each book is situated on that journey.

HAR 1 to 10 are written to scaffold learners into reading from the very beginning. The brief, large text is on the left page and the clear, large, colour pictures are on the right, facing page. Reader 1 only has 7 words in it, chosen because – they have sounds AE speakers are familiar with, they are part of the vocabulary of AE speakers, they are phonic and they only contain the short SAE vowels. The stories in the 10 HARs are about children who go to school on a red bus, go digging for honey ants, find a snake and have adventures with a naughty dog.

HAR 11 tells the story of 3 children who go out hunting for bush tucker with Nana.

HAR 12 is the story of the Rainbow Serpent, adapted from the traditional story told to the author by Trudy Inkamala, an Elder and keeper of the story.

HAR 13 tells the story of a woman who swops her baby for another. The mother whose baby she takes eventually finds her baby again, returns the woman’s bigger baby that was left in the coolamon, and all ends happily. The traditional story was told to the author by Trudy Inkamala, so that it could be adapted and used to teach Aboriginal children to read.

HAR 14 tells the story of 2 sisters who go out hunting for bush tucker. A ‘bad’ young man comes along and causes mischief…but it all ends happily. The traditional story was given to the author by Trudy Inkamala to adapt for use in the HAR so that children can read stories that are familiar to them, and in order to preserve the stories in writing.

HAR 15 tells the story of a family who go out hunting for perentie. This story is based on real life experiences of people in Central Australia. Alison Furber, a Central Arrernte teacher, assisted the author with the facts.

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