Interactive eBooks (HAR Books 1-10)

$60.00 inc. GST

This fabulous cd contains eBooks of all the HAR books 1 to 10. Perfect for full class sessions on the interactive whiteboard or for individual computers.

HAR 1 to 10 are written to scaffold learners into reading from the very beginning. The brief, large text is on the left page and the clear, large, colour pictures are on the right, facing page. Reader 1 only has 7 words in it, chosen because – they have sounds AE speakers are familiar with, they are part of the vocabulary of AE speakers, they are phonic and they only contain the short SAE vowels. The stories in the 10 HARs are about children who go to school on a red bus, go digging for honey ants, find a snake and have adventures with a naughty dog.