Karen Armstrong – HAR Finance Officer

We feel very fortunate to have Karen Armstrong in our team at HARs, with her deep understanding of all taxation obligations for small businesses, and her ability to research and present technical information in an easily understood manner for those of us much less knowledgeable in this area!

Her many years of experience in roles of leadership, mentoring and as a committee member will be invaluable to HARs, as a new, small and evolving company, with lots of great things to look forward to.

In keeping with the deep commitment of HARs to address inequality, and to do our best to close the gap in print literacy acquisition between Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians, Karen believes strongly in justice and equality for all.

Karen is taking on many roles, such as - orders, bookkeeping, staffing matters, and assisting Margaret in her role as director of HARs.

Karen Armstrong
HAR Finance Officer, Karen Armstrong