Rosemary Butler (BVSc)

Rosemary Butler by HAR author, Margaret James.

Whenever I think a draft is word-perfect and ready to go, I send it off to Rosemary. Inevitably it comes back full of red marks signalling changes needing to be made!

Rosemary has a great eye for detail and will notice the smallest discrepancies, such as a child's T shirt that is a shade lighter on one page than another, or a tree that has lost a branch along the way. She is able to empathise with the beginner readers, seeing the illustrations and text from their view point.

When it comes to the more technical Teacher's Notes, Rosemary is able to edit them from the viewpoint of teachers, classroom assistants or parents and make changes to the rationale according to what she feels they would like to know, and how technical it should be.

Rosemary is a multi-talented, well travelled, intelligent young lady who completed her first novel in September 2012. Since a very young age, she has been an avid reader, and an accomplished cook, who speaks several languages, plays more than a couple of musical instruments, enjoys acting and is a great singer.

She is the winner of many scholastic awards and is a qualified veterinarian (UQ). This is handy when working on the later Honey Ant Readers which include many Indigenous Australian animals!

Amongst her many experiences she has worked with Indigenous students in Central Australia. I am extremely fortunate to have developed The Honey Ant Readers under the watchful eye of Rosemary.