Timothy Butler – HAR Digital Resource Developer

Timothy Butler (B.Sc; DipEd., MACA, DALF C2) has worked in various capacities with the Honey Ant Readers, most notably digitising them and thereby creating a set of interactive eBooks. His willingness to competently take on anything that needs doing with a smile, has made him an invaluable part of the HAR team.

He has a distinguished academic background in mathematics, IT, science and foreign languages. With an enquiring mind, he enjoys learning about Indigenous cultures and languages, travel, playing music, reading, flying and rock climbing when he can!

A highlight for Timothy are his visits to remote communities with HARs, where he helps with all things, such as: IT matters – setting up our interactive eBooks on computers and interactive white boards, helping the students with the technical and literacy aspects of the books; overseeing the development of our fabulous new HAR apps; playing his guitar during singing sessions; recording translators and transcribing the files; running literacy sessions and helping with ideas on teaching mathematically challenging problems to second language learners. Inspired by these visits, he has gone on to become a high school teacher.

Timothy Butler (B.Sc., GDipEd., MACA, DALF C2)