Baby Board Books in Central Arrernte Language

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Beautifully published set of 2 baby board books. Translations of the Honey Ant Readers books 1 and 2 – in the Aboriginal language of Alice Springs, Central Arrernte.


Aperlele Tnyeme – ‘Nana dig’-  is a short book about Nana running to dig for honey ants in the red, sandy desert of Central Australia. ISBN 934-7492001-4-45

Aperlele Tnyeme Ahelhe Athetheke Kwene – ‘Nana digs in the red sand’ –  reinforces the themes in Book 1, ‘Nana dig’, and develops familiarity through repetition. It describes Nana digging in the red sand, looking for their favourite food,  honey ants. ISBN 978-0987561-2-82

Kindly supported by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

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