My Kite – with Audio CD

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A small, full colour, square book, 15 x 15cms, in which every word has the same vowel sound . All the learners need is to know their consonant sounds and they will be able to read the book!

Set in South-East Asia and suitable for all young learners.

ISBN: 978-1-925002-29-4


Once the learners become familiar with the /i/ sound (as in ‘kite’) in this book, they will be able to ‘work out’ the text using their knowledge of consonants and by looking closely at the fabulous illustrations.

So that learners of  English  can derive the greatest benefit from the book, there is an accompanying CD containing a reading of ‘My Kite’ and all the rhymes and songs found at the back of the book.

We hope you have fun flying your imaginary kite with  the children in the book!



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