Yeperenye Yeye Magazine, June 2010

Child care staff; Yeperenye Yeye Magazine June 2010:

 “The children find the stories in the HAR very interesting and love the songs in the books”.

Preschool teacher, Yeperenye Yeye Magazine June 2010:

“The HAR, by Margaret James, has been our focus of studies since the beginning of the year. Children enjoy looking at the pictures and reading about Nana and the honey ants. Most of all they love singing the ‘nana dig’ song which is found in Book 1. A few of the students are actually reading and attempting to write a few words from the book. Most of the students can identify the common words used in Book 1, including: nana, dig, ant, sand.

Numeracy: Each child has a group of honey ants pictures of different sizes that they use for counting, arranging and sorting sizes and matching numbers to pictures. The number flash cards also come along with the Readers and we use them for number identification and even for playing card number  games.

The preschool students have set up a shop for ‘nana’ and have also constructed houses for ‘nana’ by using matchsticks and paint.

Every morning we start our day by singing our ‘nana dig’ song from the HAR. I have displayed the words to the song on the wall in the class for the children to recite and sing at their pleasure. The children are getting familiar with the words of the song and are trying to identify the words written out on any print.” Yeperenye Yeye Magazine, June 2010.

Transition:  “The HAR have been a tremendous success with the children enthusiastically joining in the singing and learning activities these Readers espouse.” Yeperenye Yeye Magazine, June 2010.

Year 1: “The HAR program has been a hit in Class one! Students love the fact that they can relate to these stories and are enjoying reading them with our tutor. “ Yeperenye Yeye Magazine, June 2010.