Teacher Resources

The Honey Ant Readers include resources to support:

  • oral language development
  • preparation for reading
  • decoding and phonics
  • vowel-consonant awareness
  • word recognition
  • explicit awareness of grammar

Training for teachers and ancillary staff in the delivery of The Honey Ant Reader program is highly recommended.

For more information see Consultancy.

Resource List

Available Now

  • Honey Ant Readers 1 -10 Teacher’s edition
  • Honey Ant Readers 1 -10 Student’s edition
  • Honey Ant Readers 11 – 15 One edition
  • Picture, Number and Word Card Pack
  • Activity Book 1 to support learning in HAR 1 – 5
  • Speaking series: Book 1: Colours
  • Writing Series: Writing Books for various stages
  • A4 Picture Word Set
  • CD of pre reading and early reading resources
  • Large Picture and word  card set
Available Soon

  • Honey Ant Readers 16 – 20 One edition
  • Teacher’s Handbook
  • Song/Rhyme Book/CD
  • 3 Activity/Workbooks to complement the Readers 6 to 20.
  • Speaking series: More books to teach speaking and SAE grammar.


Teachers’ Editions

The Honey Ant Readers 1 -10 have separate Student and Teacher editions. Readers 11 – 20 have a single edition and include teacher’s notes at the back of the book.

The story, word lists, songs and rhymes are identical in both the student and teachers editions; however the teachers’ HAR includes a rationale at the end of the book.

Explanations about  vocabulary, grammar and punctuation selected for each HAR are included in the rationale. The differences between SAE and AE are described in terms of:

  • Syntax (grammar)
  • Phonology(pronunciation)
  • Semantics (meanings)
  • Lexicon (vocabulary)
  • Pragmatics (how is it used)

Supplementary Materials

Supplementary materials supporting The Honey Ant Readers include:

  • The Honey Ant Readers Teacher’s Handbook: This details the rationale underpinning the books and the reading program, and includes practical teaching suggestions.
  • 4 Workbooks with activities to support and reinforce the material in the Readers.  These complement Books 1 -5; 6 – 10; 11 – 15 and 16 – 20 respectively.
  • The Honey Ant Readers Song and Rhyme Book: This book supports the acquisition of oral SAE.  A detailed index indicating aspects of grammar and pronunciation is included to assist the teachers in the efficient use of this book.
  • Picture, Number and Word Card Pack (180 Cards): This pack  contains cards with just the picture, the picture + word, and just the word from all the HAR 1 to 10, plus number cards 1 to 10.  They  can be used to play games which prepare the students for reading and numeracy; to familiarise them with specific words; to help with decoding words; and to teach basic grammar and structure of SAE.